Monday, May 22, 2006

From Roadblocks to Hurdles: The Story of Tamar

Bahiyah Woman Magazine

2 Samuel Chapter 13

by Te-Erika Patterson, BWM Writing Team

Did you know the name Tamar means palm tree? That stands for strength and endurance. I read once that palm trees withstand even the fiercest storms. During the worst hurricanes in Miami when the sturdiest oak trees were ripped from the ground at the root, the sleek, sweet palm tree remained standing. It remained firmly rooted in good soil.

Tamar’s life speaks for so many women. Our inherent desire is to serve and nurture those around us, and Tamar was no different. She was the daughter of King David, a beautiful, virtuous woman who had never known a man. When her father requested that she go and take care of her brother Amnon, she asked no questions. She was very delighted in her servitude. She didn’t know Amnon had become obsessed with her because of her beauty. (Sounds familiar? Remember Amnon’s father is King David who took Bathsheba although she didn’t belong to him. Similar spirits are passed through generations unless they are properly dealt with.)

He longed for her and became ill with grief because she was forbidden since she was his sister. Then his cousin Jonadab, with his slick self, told Amnon to forget about the law, which forbids incest. He came up with a plan so that Amnon could have the woman he wanted.

They never considered the consequences. Amnon would ask their father, Kind David, to send Tamar to take care of him while he pretended to be sick- then he could make his move.


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