About Me

Te-Erika Patterson is a multi-media journalist, inspirational writer and author from Miami, Florida. She received her BS in Journalism from the University of Florida and studied Marriage/Family Counseling as a graduate student at Barry University. For more than 9 years Te-Erika has used her skills as a blogger, writer, journalist, success coach, videographer, spoken word artist and host to inspire thousands to embrace their fantasy lives.

In 2011, Te-Erika founded My Savvy Sisters, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit organization which aims to provide grants, scholarships and financial assistance to women in need. To date she has awarded more than 300 women with the emotional and financial support they need to survive and thrive in life.

Te-Erika is the creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project, an empowerment outreach aimed to teach women to overcome their fear of failure. Te-Erika became homeless on purpose to teach women how to move out of hopelessness by placing herself into the most hopeless situation and helping herself and others develop the mentality to be able to overcome it. She documented her day by day journey in a video series on her youtube channel and in writing on her women's empowerment blog, MySavvySisters.Com.  

Embrace Your Fantasy, Te-Erika’s brainchild, boasts a Youtube channel with more than 300 inspirational and intellectually provocative videos that provide unique wisdom for many of life’s complexities.

Her internet Talk Show, Embrace Your Fantasy, on Miami’s Entertainment Channel- Krib TV, awarded aspiring music artists and entrepreneurs for their efforts toward accomplishing their dreams. During her time as the host and producer of Keeping It Together with Te-Erika on WBRY 1640 AM, Te-Erika shared insights about relationships, both romantic and platonic, that encouraged listeners to have faith in their life path. To add to her creative offerings, Te-Erika has also authored 5 eBooks that speak to the strategic development of the whole person.

In addition to her professional work as a magazine content manager and editor, a web producer and a newspaper reporter, Te-Erika published her first self help book- It's Not A Sin To Be Single. 

The culmination of her work as a website publisher journalist and women's advocate is celebrated through her women's empowerment blog, My Savvy Sisters.Com; a website dedicated to providing resources, information and inspiration to empower women to survive and thrive in life through original inspirational articles, original motivational videos, local and federal resources for survival, timely world news of interest, free mentoring, free give-aways and so much more.
As a graduate student, Te-Erika studied Marriage/Family/Couples Counseling at Barry University. Her dedication to developing the skills to help her readers, viewers and listeners to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships in all areas of their lives is her gift to the world.