Crisis & Life Transition Coaching

Are you in the midst of a crisis and you have no clue what to do? Have you recently lost your job? Has your relationship ended? Are you under financial stress? Are the pressures of life weighing you down and you feel as though no one understands and no one is available to give you direction?

I understand where you are because I have been there too. Through my short life experience I have:

  • Been homeless and slept in a homeless shelter
  • Been molested
  • Been abused emotionally
  • Been abused physically
  • Lost my job
  • Been depressed
  • Had suicidal thoughts
  • Had to start over 
  • Longed for a better life
  • Raised two children alone while still in college
  • Dealt with sexual identity issues
  • Had my heart broken
  • Been told I was weird
  • Battled with social anxiety
  • Felt hopeless
  • Been lonely
  • Wanted to give up
  • Been single for 9 years
  • Lost a loved one
  • Felt inadequate

Throughout these life experiences I have had to develop my own brand of faith that has allowed me to shift my life entirely. I went from being a powerless victim of life, to being the powerful creator of my own life experience and now everyone of my wishes comes true. I have become more confident and better equipped to handle adversity and so can you. I will teach you how to move out of the situation that you are in and into a better place mentally and physically.

No, you won't have to endure months of coaching sessions to achieve this goal. I will help transform your thought process in just ONE PHONE SESSION.  

Being trained in Brief Therapy has taught me a lot about breaking the cycle of irrational thinking and my own life trials and the lessons that I learned have provided me with the mentality to THINK MY WAY OUT OF MY MESS. I will allow you access to my mental capabilities and my wealth of  knowledge gleaned from being at the bottom of the pile on so many occasions and always landing on my feet.

I now walk, act, think and make decisions like a STAR. I own my life. I walk in power everyday and everything I touch turns to gold. There has not been ANY project that I have undertaken that has not awarded me top honors and I can teach you how to do the same in just ONE HOUR.

Selection Process

Not everyone who is able to pay for this service will have access to it. I am looking for people to coach who are ready for change and are serious about listening to and implementing the keys that I will provide to them.

If you want to be among those who benefit from my background in counseling, inspirational journalism, psychology and the philosophy of success all you need to do is write to me at Please include your name, telephone number, the best time(s) to reach you, a paragraph explaining the situation you are facing and why you are ready for change. If selected I will email you back with a confirmation of the date that we will have our session and reading materials for you to review which will help you understand my vocabulary and intentions.

For a small fee of $50 (payable by paypal before the scheduled session) in just ONE HOUR your entire perspective will be shifted and you will be empowered to go out and make the most of your situation. YOU WILL BE EMPOWERED to create your best life.

My personal philosophies are not based on any religion but one of DIVINE POWER. I will teach you how to tap into yours.

If you are ready to walk out of your mess and into your blessing, I am ready to pull you through.

All my best wishes for a healthier existence.