Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bad Boy On the Beats

By Te-Erika Patterson

They call him StreetRunner, but the ink on his birth certificate reads Nicholas Warwar. But you can’t call him Nick unless you want to get pimp slapped.

The 26-year old was raised by his Mom & Dad in a quiet neighborhood in Hollywood, Florida. As a child most who knew him would describe him as the quiet one but today he is making a lot of noise on the music scene as a Hip Hop producer. As a producer he provides the tracks for artists, which are the blueprint for the songs on the album.

He became known as StreetRunner after he sampled a record called StreetRunner on a song. What he created with that beat became his signature style. “This beat had extra soulful riffs, excellent use of the strings and showed how creative I had to be to make a beat,” says StreetRunner. “Everything I did on that beat is what I am right now.”
Like most creative musicians StreetRunner began his career as a DJ. He set up turntables in his house and began experimenting with music. “Any DJ who rocks shows has had to spend some time listening to music and learning to blend the music,” he says. “Every beat has a different tempo.”

Things were going well for StreetRunner as a DJ but he still had an overwhelming desire to do more. He wanted make his own beats but had yet to acquire the skill. He bought a drum machine and started playing with it. He had been DJing for 3 to 4 years before he ever touched a drum machine but once he felt the power of this new instrument, he knew that his life had changed forever.

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