Sunday, May 18, 2008 creates first storeroom in SL

By Mistee Jaxxon
Metanetwork News

Monday, 12 May 2008
Germany's award-winning musician, DonFranko Dagostino, moved the crowd with his enchanting vocals in celebration of the grand opening of "Club O",'s emergence into the Second Life virtual market place.

Founded in 1997, pioneered the online sale of surplus merchandise. Rivaled by popular websites like and Ebay,'s presence in Second Life indicates an aggressive marketing strategy aimed toward Second Life residents who, through the existing virtual market-place, have embraced the emergence of the on-line shopping experience.

Since doesn't have a RL storeroom, the creation of Club O is a monumental milestone for the internet based sales pioneer. Inside Club O, you will notice that the clean red and white decor complements the RL website's theme. You will also find that the different categories of items for purchase on the website are represented on individual showcases inside the store. One click on any featured item and you are directed to the section of that displays similar items.

Red and white kiosks adorned with a big red 'O' line the walls of the store. Each kiosk can be touched to gather information about contests, freebie give-aways as well as links to join the Club O group or be directed to the RL website.

Promoters stop by the store three times a day to surprise shoppers with unique gifts purchased from other SL businesses. If a promoter is not available at the time of your visit, simply leave a notecard in the suggestion box and your name will be entered to win one of the high-end SL gifts.

Original artwork by SL artists lend an artsy vibe to the atmosphere. Two pieces of vibrant artwork by SL artists Elorien Ayres and Ro Gastel were purchased at a charity auction for Autism and are prominently displayed on both sides of the stage.

Thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs have achieved their status as small-business owners as a result of the ever-growing Second Life market place. Real World companies are joining in as evidenced by the fact that, Colgate (toothpaste) and Nestle's Coffeemate all have offices located on the same sim as's new store.

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