Thursday, September 25, 2008

Relationship Rescue Radio Hits Barry University

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September 25, 2008

Barry Counseling graduate student hosts relationship & personal development talk show on WBRY 1640AM

Te-Erika Patterson, a graduate student in the Marriage/Family/Couples Counseling program at Barry University hosts Keeping It Together with Te-Erika a radio talk show on WBRY 1640 AM every Friday night from 10pm to midnight.

As a journalist she has written for a variety of news and entertainment outlets. She uses a subtle mixture of therapeutic techniques, inspiration and raunchy humor in a completely honest conversation with guests and callers.

Her show teaches individuals how to keep growing as they experience a variety of relationships. Keeping It Together examines a plethora of relationship types and situations: romantic, marriages, siblings, business, father to son, race to race, boss to employee, homosexual, ex girlfriend to new girlfriend- the possibilities are endless as we explore the best ways to communicate and treat others through ANY circumstance.

Keeping It Together with Te-Erika airs Friday from 10 pm to midnight beginning September 26, 2008 on WBRY 1640AM. You can also listen online at

THIS WEEK’S Relationship Theme- Computer Love: How the internet affects relationships

Contact:Te-Erika Patterson

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