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Can An Alpha Female Be A Sorority Girl?

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The Alpha female stands out by nature and is uncomfortable conforming to the standards set by society that dictate her actions, growth and level of success. Her sense of individuality is invigorating and she won’t allow another woman (or group of women) to stand before her as judge and jury to determine if she is worthy of being a member of their sisterhood. The Alpha female knows that she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

This may be why few Alpha females ever opt to experience the sisterhood of sororities. However, the cunning and strategic Alpha female will rise above her insecurity about being perceived as one of the crowd and recognize the benefits that her eloquence and skill would add to the sisterhood as well as the importance of connecting with women on a business and social level.

Social connections lead to increased business opportunities.
“People want to work with people they like,” one business leader told me after I expressed resistance to hanging out with him and his colleagues at a happy hour. But, after interviewing women who have successfully navigated the throes of office politics and climbed the ranks at corporations they all remind me that friendships trump skill in major business developments. The more friendships you have as you connect with a national organization that has a reputation for stellar members, the more women you know will support your efforts to achieve your dreams which reflect positively on the sorority.

Developing the ability to work well with other women is a major factor in success.
By joining a sisterhood you will learn that once you’re in, you’re in and there is no walking away from challenges that present themselves. You will learn by trial and error how to allow others to lead, how to channel your emotional impulses effectively in a group full of emotional women and how to support a common goal that may not directly impact your own. This skill is immensely valuable if you honor the principle of sowing and reaping. Women who work well with women enjoy a more elevated level of success than those who won’t recognize the common ground in relationships with other women.

Sorority chapters are a great place to hone your leadership skills.
If you are an Alpha female on the rise, every endeavor that you undertake is an opportunity to put your ever-evolving skill set into practice. An Alpha female who joins a sorority takes advantage of the opportunity to hone her skills as a leader. Of course the Alpha female will become the chapter president and initiate new policies and outreaches; that is precisely why sororities seek out these type of women who will one day move on to owning and operating their own corporations or growing their individual brand name into a multi-million dollar success.

As you meet, connect and come to respect other women who mirror your own level of class, drive and endurance you will experience an increased appreciation for life as you begin to love yourself even more.

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