Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Should Have A Seat At The State Of The Black Union in LA

By Te-Erika Patterson

My blog is a vibrant representation of the hope of our people as I continue to study and imitate the paths of the brilliantly successful people who have walked before me. During the beginning of my career as a journalist I posted articles to my blog that I had to volunteer to write such as artist bios and marketing materials for people who could not or would not pay me due to my lack of experience. As I gained momentum and experience as a journalist I had to trek across three states, sleep in my car, hostels and shelters and even go hungry most days just to be able to have the freedom enough to seek bigger opportunities.

I am hungry. I am ambitious. I am talented. I am driven. I am now a graduate student studying to become a Marriage/Family/Couples Counselor. I use my knowledge of psychology to help others heal their relationship issues. I also host a radio talk show on my campus radio station that is centered around developing healthy relationships in all areas of your life. My guests have given advice about how to maintain work relationships, how Black men view the newly elected President as well as conversations surrounding issues that are important to the everyday development of our people. I produce, host and engineer each show myself. I also own and manage several other blogs and contribute to many more.

My presence at this event will inspire the legends of our time to reflect on the characteristics that they developed which led to their stellar contributions to our society. My hope during this conference is to meet, greet and catalogue the secrets, habits and attitudes of our role models and share them with my readers so that they too, will be able to reach and attain any and every goal they can imagine.

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