Friday, April 24, 2009

Lobo Honored on Krib TV's Embrace Your Fantasy

I'm not a Prada bitch and I'm not a Louis Vuitton bitch. I make my own rules."- Lobo

Savvy purveyors of mainstream hip hop culture can attest to the standard fare when it comes to categorizing female artists. You're either a glamour girl, a sex kitten, an afro wearing enlightened chick or a bad bitch…. and then there's Lobo.

Twenty-eight-year-old Lobo The Lycan, is the first female honored with a Gold Star Award on Krib TV's Embrace Your Fantasy for being one of the top connection makers on the entertainment scene in Miami.

The typical and stereotypical, the lame and mundane- Lobo says she's the opposite of everything and everyone that's out there. As a rap artist, promoter, model scout, writer, radio talk show host (Abunchathungs Radio) and advertising sales executive for Heat Magazine, Lobo is making fast moves to embrace her fantasy of becoming the CEO of a superpower entertainment company.

Abunchathugs Entertainment is Lobo's brainchild, conceived under a thick cloud of herbal essence with a hunger for more than snacks, Lobo says she recognized a need for an entertainment company that represents the thugs.

"It was the love that was missing out of the industry and you know your girl got that thug lovin'," Lobo quips. "I had to bring what I got to the table for the thugs and I mean any hustle minded person or anyone who is trying to get to the next level. I'm talking about corporate thuggin'. I want everybody to move up another tax bracket."

The stage sizzles when Lobo performs her single Let Me See That, a shake 'ya rump club bopper where she energetically proclaims her love for fat asses on women.

"I like to see'em bounce," Lobo explains. "Come chill with the boys, come vibe with a bunch of thugs. Pushin' up on a chick, but lettin' em know that I don't wanna get down with you like that but my boys might want to."

Vibe with Lobo on South Beach every Tuesday Night, filling in for DJ Epps as the host of the Sugar Shack Open Mic or catch her on

Krib TV’s Embrace Your Fantasy honors the rising stars of the entertainment industry of South Florida. Hosted by Te-Erika, Embrace Your Fantasy airs on live at 5pm every Tuesday. Past honorees included Mr. Vicious, Larry Dogg, Will Da Real One, Coach of Head Coach Entertainment and Mr. Grim 2 Da Reapa.

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