Saturday, June 03, 2006

Avoid Stress To Be Your Best

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By Te-Erika Patterson

Like most professionals on the grind, a full day of work could equal a full day of stress.

Here are five ways to increase your happiness level by eliminating the stress from your life.

Be Inspired
Positive conditioning of the mind changes the way the trying realities of life affect you. Purchase a book of quotes by an inspirational author like Dennis Kimbro or Joyce Myers. Positive affirmations seep into your spirit and are natural stress busters when the weight of the world comes crashing down.

Leave It On Your Desk
Every so often you wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat recalling something that you forgot to do at work. You’re unable to go back to sleep and your body pays for it the next day. The business will not crumble without you. Your job does not hinge on one project. Your peace of mind should not be attached to your job. A job is a means to take care of your family, it is not a defining factor in your life. Work as though you are a giving a gift to your employer; always give the very best. Also remember that peace of mind is a gift to yourself. Never let anything interfere with that.

Make Happiness A Habit
Some people believe happiness is a result of joyful circumstances but happiness is achieved by choice. Choose to believe that whatever circumstance you are in is propelling you toward your destiny. Good or bad, stressful or easy going, your ultimate destiny will not be denied therefore have peace knowing that no matter what you see going on around you, you will achieve all that is set before you to accomplish. Choose to be content during all circumstances. Your end has already been determined, brace yourself for the ride and look forward to a safe and exciting arrival at your delightful destiny.

Say No
Have you ever wondered why the elderly are so obstinate and seem to always be out of sync with the latest trends? It’s because they have gotten past the need to please society and fit in. They say NO with gusto! They wear purple socks with sandals and eat ice cream after midnight. Their happiness is their only priority after realizing that they have spent their entire lives trying to please a group of people whose desires were constantly changing. Say NO to the frivolous demands of the world. Please yourself, take care of your family and love who you are.

Be Patient
In a microwave world like ours it’s easy to want to see things happen faster than it takes to speed through the drive-thru. It’s true that good things come to those who wait, but also consider that good qualities develop over time. Think about the person you were just a few years ago. I’m sure your life goals have not changed much since then. Today you are better equipped and more mature to handle that career that you desire so passionately. Your finances are in order now so it may be time to consider starting a family. The achievement of every goal takes a process of learning and character building. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

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