Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am the Master of My Emotions

Bahiyah Woman Magazine

By Te-Erika Patterson
BWM Staff Writer

I stepped outside myself today and took a good look at what I saw.

Damn, that’s a nice haircut.

Nice simple dress. My favorite. $10 at Wal-Mart. Don’t tell nobody.

Then I noticed the smile on my face and realized that it was strained. I’m struggling to maintain myself because my emotions seem to be all over the place.

What can I really do about it? I’m a Cancer and I’m a girl.We’re emotional by nature, not cuz I hate ya.

However, do I really have to be a slave to my emotions? Can I ever manage these moods that rise and fall like the tides? Yes, I can.

I can master my emotions by understanding that emotions are a part of nature. It’s okay to feel and to express the pain or joy of your heart, but I have to remember that every emotion I experience is a portal to the next emotional experience. The ball keeps rolling. My emotions keep coming. No mood will last forever. No sadness will overtake my life.

Each experience yields an excitement or sorrow, which is unique to that moment and I will not allow myself to marinate in that emotion. I can master my emotions.

I can recognize that my feelings are important and natural. I recognize that the moods expressed by others are also ever changing. Just because someone presents a bad attitude today, doesn’t mean that they will be like that forever. They are experiencing the same type of shifting emotions that I am privy to.

I will not treat others based on how they react to me.

I will not allow someone’s attitude about their temporary misfortune to thwart my efforts to please God by being a blessing to others.

I will master my emotions by understanding that this uneasiness in my heart is caused by fear of the unknown. I’m tense. I’m nervous. I’m afraid to open up. I’m impatient about my destiny. I have the desire to love again but I don’t want to risk the pain that love brings.

All of these feelings could lead to my being frustrated and difficult toward people when they don’t deserve it.

I will master my emotions as I remind myself that “this too shall pass”.

As surely as the sun sets with a tear in my eye, the rising sun will dry it away.

This moment is not the definitive moment in my life.

I am not a slave to my emotions.

I will accept all that is me and keep on rolling, just like the tide.

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