Friday, August 25, 2006

Loving the Law

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Unit Commander, Background & Recruitment, Atlanta Police Department

Before he rose through the ranks of the Atlanta Police Department, Lt. Moses Perdue was just a regular high school kid who graduated and enlisted in the Army. After serving 3 years he finished his tour of duty, but his desire to continue to protect and serve led him back to his hometown to secure the very streets that nurtured him.

Perdue has held his current position as the unit commander of background and recruitment for just over 5 months, but his history runs deep with the Atlanta Police Department, he joined the force nearly 20 years ago.

He first served as a beat officer and then as an on-call officer responding to the 911 calls made by residents in trouble. Perdue has worked in the Red Dog unit, served as a tactical sergeant in the SWAT Unit as well as led the Auto Theft Unit before becoming the director of the Training Academy.

“I’ve always tried not to be the status quo,” Perdue says. “I was interested in rising through the ranks and trying to make a difference as a manager.”

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