Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apple Patent Mimics Second Life

By Mistee Jaxxon
MetaNetWork News

With the consistent growth of Second Life's virtual community, many Real World businesses have taken note of its innovative platform and joined to cross promote their products to the residents of SL.

Instead of utilizing SL's existing community, Apple computers has taken their marketing objectives a step further by applying for a patent for a virtual online store complete with 3D animations, user generated avatars and the ability to interact with other visitors.

Recently rated number 7 among the list of Top 100 Brands by a research company called Millward Brown, Apple computers is jumping on the virtual community bandwagon in an effort to boost sales by creating a more engaging environment to capture the attention of shoppers.

Whether or not the realization of the plans exhibited by the patent will make it to the internet is unknown. What we can gather from the patent application, which was filed in September 2006, is the fact that the virtual community is fast becoming a strong premise for increasing commerce and bringing significant recognition to brands across the globe.

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